Tiny Tots

All tiny tot classes are designed for 3-5 year olds to explore movement to music in a fun and nurturing setting. In this class students will learn the foundations of dance with a combination of jazz and ballet technique as well as creative movement.

Classes that compliment – tiny tap, tiny tumblers

Girl Dancing Shoes

Tiny Tap

In this class children wear tap shoes and begin to learn how to make specific sounds with their feet while exploring rhythm and beat.

Classes that compliment – tiny tots


Tiny Tumblers

This class is an introduction to acrobatics. In this class we aim to get the children used to being upside down, to gain strength and flexibility but most of all to have fun!

Classes that compliment – tiny tots



Ballet is the foundation that all other dance styles are built upon. It is strongly recommended that anyone who is pursuing dance as a career takes ballet as ballet technique is transferable to all other genres of dance. Ballet teaches strong posture, whole body awareness, strength, flexibility and discipline.

​These classes are taught using the ballet syllabus of the C.S.T.D.

Classes that compliment – jazz, acrobatics

Tap Shoes


Tap classes combine old Hollywood and modern street tap style to create a well rounded tapping education. This class includes barre work, rhythm combinations, travelling progressions and choreography.

​These classes are taught using the tap dance syllabus of the C.S.T.D.

Classes that compliment - jazz



Jazz dance ranges from choreography seen in musicals to commercial dance as seen in music videos. This class consists of a warm up, stretching, progressions across the floor and choreography.

​​These classes are taught using the modern jazz syllabus of the C.S.T.D.

Classes that compliment – ballet, acrobatics



Acrobatics combines acrobatic tricks and dancing to create skillful and exciting routines. Strength, flexibility and stamina are built through performing acrobatics.

Classes include a cardio warm up followed by skills in strength, limbering, tumbling and contortion.

It is a requirement that all acrobatic students also take either jazz or ballet as dance skills are an important part of acrobatic choreography.

Classes that compliment – jazz, ballet

Image by Ricardo Moura


Lyrical is an emotive dance form that draws inspiration from the lyrics of the song being performed to.

It is a requirement that all lyrical students also take ballet as ballet is the foundation of lyrical dance.

Classes that compliment - ballet, jazz

breakdancing in pink pants

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes combine urban and new school styles and involve learning skills like popping, locking and breaking.

Classes that compliment - jazz


Life is a cabaret! Delve into the world of cabaret with this class inspired by Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge, the speakeasy era and modern burlesque.

Classes that compliment – adult jazz, adult tap


Adult Stretch and Flex

The object of this class is to build strength and flexibility. Whether your aim is to touch your toes or to achieve a flat split this class will help you reach your goals!

Classes that compliment - adult jazz


Throwback Thursday - Adult Jazz

This one's for the grown ups! Suitable for any ability level this class is all about letting lose and throwing it back to the best of the nineties and noughties!

New choreography every week ensures you'll never fall behind. When you're ready to dance your way into the weekend this class is here for you.

Classes that compliment - adult jazz extension class, stretch and flex, cabaret


Adult Jazz Extension Class

This class is for adult jazz dancers wanting to take their dancing to the next level. Participants in this class will have the opportunity to take part in performances.

Classes that compliment - adult jazz, stretch and flex, cabaret


Bubs and Buddies

Bubs and Buddies is open to children from as soon as they can walk up to three years old and requires adult participation. We'll sing, dance and play with props all while developing gross motor skills and creativity.

At the conclusion of the lesson families are welcome to use our second studio space to continue to play and socialise.

Your term fee ($110) will include entry of up to two children and two adults. There is no charge for siblings under the age of nine months.


Baby Bump Ballet

Baby Bump Ballet is a ballet class for pregnant and baby wearing people. Our classes are a wonderful way to exercise while bonding with your baby, no babysitter needed!


These prices are for a standard 10 week term.

  • 30 minute class - $110

  • 45 minute class - $130

  • 60 minute class - $150

  • Private lessons - $35 per half hour

Sibling discount – families with two or more students attending Glitterati will receive a 5% family discount.

Multiple class discount – students taking three or more classes will receive a discount of 5%​