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Hip Hop

Welcome to the urban style of hip hop dance at Glitterati Performance Co. Hip hop dance is an engaging dance style, filled with expressive movements and powerful attitude.

Hip Hop at Glitterati Performance Co.

Welcome to the rhythmic realm of Hip Hop dance at Glitterati Performance Co. Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world pulsating with energy, raw expression, and syncopated beats. Hip Hop dance transcends mere movement; it’s a jubilant homage to individuality and a fusion of diverse influences.


Our classes blend traditional and contemporary Hip Hop techniques, fostering self-discovery and igniting creativity with every step. Join us on a vibrant journey through movement, where rhythm meets passion and the dance floor becomes a canvas for your unique groove.

Discover the physicality of Hip Hop

Step into the electrifying world of Hip Hop movement at Glitterati Performance Co. Our skilled instructors are committed to channeling the raw energy of hip hop dance through physical expression. Whether you’re a novice, a seasoned dancer, or simply craving an outlet for your inner rhythm, Glitterati Performance Co. sets the stage for your artistic exploration.


With a fusion of traditional and contemporary Hip Hop techniques, we ignite self-discovery and unleash creativity in every stride. 


Join us at Glitterati Performance Co. and let the rhythm of life propel you into a dynamic, expressive dance experience. 🎵🕺🔥

What to Expect
in Our Hip Hop Dance Classes
  • Our hip hop dance classes consist of a warm-up, stretching, progressions across the floor and exciting choreography.

  • These classes are taught using the modern hip hop syllabus of the C.S.T.D., ensuring a comprehensive and modern learning experience.

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