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Tiny Dancers

Our Kid's dance classes offer a myriad of benefits that positively impact a child's physical, emotional, and social development. 

Tiny Dancers at Glitterati Performance Co.

Through dance, children enhance their coordination, balance, and flexibility, all while staying active and healthy. Moreover, dance fosters discipline and perseverance, as young dancers learn routines and strive for improvement.


These classes also boost self-esteem and self-expression, as kids gain confidence in their abilities and creatively express themselves through movement.


Socially, kids dance classes encourage teamwork, cooperation, and friendships, as children work together to create captivating performances. Our kids' dance classes provide an enriching experience that promotes physical fitness, self-confidence, creativity, and social interaction, setting a solid foundation for their overall growth and development.

Some of our kid's dance classes include:
Tiny Tumblers

This class is an introduction to acrobatics. In this class we aim to get the children used to being upside down, to gain strength and flexibility but most of all to have fun!

Classes that compliment – tiny tap, tiny tumblers

Tiny Tap

In this kids dance class, children wear tap shoes and begin to learn how to make specific sounds with their feet while exploring rhythm and beat.

Classes that compliment – tiny tap, tiny tumblers

Tiny Tots

All tiny tot classes are designed for 3-5-year-olds to explore movement to music in a fun and nurturing setting. In this class, students will learn the foundations of dance with a combination of jazz and ballet techniques as well as creative movement.


Classes that compliment – tiny tap, tiny tumblers

Bubs And Buddies

Bubs and Buddies is open to children from as soon as they can walk up to three years old and requires adult participation. We’ll sing, dance and play with props all while developing gross motor skills and creativity.


At the conclusion of the lesson, families are welcome to use our second studio space to continue to play and socialise.

Your term fee ($120) will include entry of up to

two children and two adults. There is no charge for siblings under the age of nine months.

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