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At Glitterati Performance Co., we're dedicated to nurturing acrobatic talents of all ages and levels, providing a space to push boundaries and explore new dimensions of movement.

Acrobatics at Glitterati Performance Co.

Welcome to Glitterati Performance Co., where the extraordinary world of acrobatics dance defies gravity and ignites the imagination.


Acrobatics dance is a mesmerizing art form that seamlessly blends physical strength, flexibility, and artistic expression. At our studio, we are dedicated to nurturing the talents of acrobatic dancers of all ages and levels, providing a space where students can push their boundaries, explore new dimensions of movement, and discover their own incredible potential.

Our experienced instructors guide every twist, flip, and balancing act

With experienced instructors guiding every twist, flip, and balancing act, Glitterati Performance Co. is the place where passion meets precision.


Whether you're a novice seeking to develop your acrobatic skills or a seasoned performer looking to take your dance to new heights, we welcome you to embark on an exhilarating journey of creativity and daring physicality.


Join us, and let's explore the captivating world of acrobatics dance together, where each movement becomes an awe-inspiring spectacle.

What to Expect
in Our Acrobatics Classes
  • Our acrobatics classes begin with a cardio warm-up to prepare your body for the exciting challenges ahead.

  • You'll learn essential skills in strength, limbering, tumbling, and contortion to build a strong foundation in acrobatics.

  • We strongly recommend that all acrobatic students also take either jazz or ballet, as dance skills are an important part of acrobatic choreography.

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